Fatal Florida truck accident caused by man with blackout history

A fatal accident occurred this past Friday that claimed the life of a Tampa teacher and her husband and left their granddaughter recovering in the hospital from serious injuries. The driver of a truck had run a red light and collided with the teacher’s vehicle. According to law enforcement officers investigating the crash, the truck accident was caused by a blackout that occurred for unknown reasons. wellington dui lawyers understand these types of cases and how to handle them.

When investigators dug deeper, they found that this is not the first time that the truck driver was involved in a serious accident caused by a blackout that occurred “for unknown medical reasons.”

The first accident occurred in 2007 when the driver hit a car stopped at a red light. The driver pushed the second vehicle through at least eight lanes of traffic and continued into a parking lot where it struck two more vehicles. The man who was pushed through the lanes was left with a serious back injury.

The truck driver’s license was revoked after the 2007 accident, but then was reinstated off and on until 2010 when it was reinstated for the last time prior to the latest accident after speaking with a car accident law firm in Baton Rouge.

It is a fair claim to say that most people who cause accidents do not intend to injure someone by hitting them with their car. They are accidents, but there are circumstances that cause a driver to know that they are seriously increasing their chance of causing a crash. In some instances, this knowledge coupled with the voluntary decision to get behind the wheel is considered negligence.