Some Investors Are Financing Divorces

In the unusual economic environment we’re living in (to say the least!), there are investors out there looking for new ways to make money. Some are even investing in divorce. They finance a divorcing party up front, paying for lawyers, investigators and accountants, for a share of the money that (they hope) the divorcing person will be awarded by a court or receive in a settlement with lawyers for family trusts. Experience in dealing with similar cases lawyers for family law.

Family lawyers in North Carolina note that there are not that many companies getting into the financing-of-divorce business, but the number is growing. Balance Point Divorce Funding, based in Beverly Hills, is the only one that is doing divorce funding exclusively.

An Australian company, ASK Funding, has invested tens of millions in divorce cases in Australia, and is moving into financing divorces in New York. Also If you need any help about sex crime matter, our sex crime law Florida is available to assist in similar cases.

Obviously, these companies are targeting divorces of people who have enough wealth to make for a considerable payoff if divorce settlement goes the way they hope it will. Some estimates say that different types of investors have about a billion dollars invested in divorces right now.

The trend in investing in lawsuits began with personal injury cases, then moved into areas like securities claims and whistleblower cases. Divorce case financing has some appeal for plaintiffs because lawyers cannot charge a contingency fee in that type of case, meaning people getting a divorce have to pay their attorney fees up front, instead of paying the lawyers a percentage of what is eventually recovered. This all ties into Oregon car accident settlements and this trend continues to go upwards. Some of these people are caught up in DUIs. A DUI lawyer Boynton Beach can help with these cases.