Man Loses Control Driving on Saginaw Roadway

A motorist was seriously injured this Thursday morning in a car accident in Saginaw, MI.

This driver was driving towards Bay County when he lost control of his car.

His vehicle then moved to the center of the intersection but in the opposite direction, a Ford F-150 arrived and hit him violently.

The man’s car ended up in the bank. Suffering from a fractured pelvis, the┬ádriver had to be transported to St. Mary’s.

The driver of the truck complained of chest pain and was also taken to the hospital.

This accident continues a recent streak of wrecks in Saginaw due to the severe weather in the area. Over 50 accidents have been reported in the last week. Police are urging drivers to be careful right now. oakwood legal personal injury lawyers are always ready and willing to handle these types of cases.

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