Microsoft CRM

Offer superior customer service and increase capacity to handle requests, without adding employees. Microsoft CRM Customer Service helps your service representatives track customer requests, manage support issues from initial contact through successful resolution, and provide customers with the consistent, efficient service that ensures satisfaction.

Help ensure efficient customer service processes
Assign, manage, and resolve support incidents successfully with automated routing, queuing, and escalation of service requests, along with case management, communications tracking, and auto-response e-mail.

Understand customer needs
Microsoft CRM includes reports that let you identify common support issues, evaluate customer needs, track processes, and measure service performance.

Share information more easily
Identify top customers and prioritize service needs with a complete view of accounts, including sales and order information as well as support information.

Create a shared knowledge base of support information
Resolve support issues accurately and efficiently using a searchable, shared knowledge base of KB articles.

Customize and scale
Configure user interfaces and workflow processes, customize the solution to fit your business, and scale the installation to meet changing needs.

Integrate with Microsoft Business Solutions
Eliminate redundant data entry and streamline business processes through integration with Microsoft Business Solutions Financial Management.

Microsoft CRM Customer Service

  • Case management: Create, assign, and manage customer service requests from initial contact through resolution, as well as manage communications and other activities.
  • Service requests: Automatically associate incoming support inquiries with the appropriate case.
  • Queuing: Send cases to a waiting area—the queue—where they can be easily accessed by individuals and teams.
  • Routing and workflow: Route service requests automatically to the appropriate representative or teams for resolution, escalation, or reassignment.
  • Searchable knowledge base: Resolve common support issues quickly by using a searchable knowledge base that contains relevant articles. Built-in review processes help ensure that published information is complete, correct, and properly tagged for search.
  • Contract management:Create and maintain service contracts within Microsoft CRM to help ensure accurate billing for support incidents. Each time a support case is resolved, relevant contract information is updated automatically.
  • E-mail management (includes auto-response e-mail): Maintain accurate customer-related communications records with automated tracking of customer e-mail messages. Generate and send auto-response e-mail to customer requests.
  • Product catalog: Work with a full-featured product catalog that includes support for complex pricing levels, units of measure, discounts, and pricing options. 
    Reports: Use comprehensive reporting tools to help identify common support issues, evaluate customer needs, track service processes, and measure service performance.
  • Integration with Microsoft Business Solutions Financials: Microsoft CRM integrates easily with Microsoft Business Solutions Financial Management. Key data mapping includes accounts, contacts, product catalog, orders, and price lists.

Microsoft CRM from Business Microvar is designed to meet budget and support needs for mid-market businesses. Delivery and implementation through certified Microsoft Business Solutions partners include hands-on assistance with setup and maintenance processes, along with comprehensive training and support resources.

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