Following The Rules of The Road

It is always the rules of the road that apply to the driver of a vehicle, including the determination of liability for the occurrence of an accident.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that insurers have signed agreements with one another to speed up the settlement of claims. Therefore, if the responsibilities are clearly established, and the companies concerned adhere to the same agreement, the insurer can very quickly estimate the rights of his insured and have his damages assessed for compensation.

Indeed, pre-established scales allow companies and auto accident attorneys to decide on the part of everyone in all circumstances. These scales are essentially based on the Highway Code and case law (court decisions) while ignoring certain rules to simplify their application.

Thus, the decision taken by the insurer in the application of the scale most often coincides with the solution dictated by the application of the law. However, there are cases where the solutions differ and the insurer must then ensure that only the rules of the Highway Code are applied to the insured, even if the conventional scale says the opposite. The Stein Law Group understands these cases and every aspect of auto accidents.

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